We are honored to collaborate with the great living artists and agronomists in regenerative agriculture to present revelatory encounters with Nature

Our plant essences are the most sought after in the world and are sourced exclusively from LMR Naturals by IFF. By pioneering unrivaled regenerative cultivation, green chemistry, and low temperature molecular distillation which preserves the peak freshness, LMR Naturals provides us with Nature’s unadulterated botanical essences. Monique Remy founded Laboratoire Monique Remy (LMR) in Grasse, in 1983. Today, LMR Naturals is regarded as the preeminent supplier of raw materials to haute perfumery. LMR Naturals works with local producers around the globe to provide us with pure, natural, transparent, and sustainable ingredients that elevate the standard of quality and bring pleasure and inspiration to our collectors every day. LMR Naturals’ guiding principle has always been to deliver premium, 100% pure and natural plant essences, with a strict ethos of complete transparency and commitment to environmental management and sustainable development. LMR Naturals is certified Fair For Life.

Isabella Rossellini’s Mama Farm is Hildegaard’s luminous farming partner for the exquisite plants which comprise our extracts. Led by Hildegaard’s founder, Lia Chavez, our contemplative botanists cultivate the splendid gardens at Mama Farm, bringing together artisanal practices at the vanguard of organic and regenerative agriculture, heirloom cultivation, and artistic experimentation to ensure botanicals reach their zenith. There is no use of pesticides, herbicides, insecticides, or environmentally harmful fertilizers anywhere on the farm.

Artistic commissions

Artist Erika Spring — Indie music legend, David Lynch darling, and front woman of synth-pop trio Au Revoir Simone — contributes original sonic compositions, including an effulgent sonic environment for our inaugural collection, “Creation: Internal and External.” Erika is inspired by Hildegard von Bingen’s dialogue with Nature and the divine life forces that surround us.

We collaborate with the iconic photography duo, Ioulex, to create Hildegaard’s visual universe. Ioulex are world renowned for their portraiture and their imaginative approach to the sublime. As friends, our founder, Lia Chavez, and Ioulex have inspired one another for years.

The romantic, botanical-strewn costuming which appears in our campaigns is created by designer Elanur Erdogan. Following her apprenticeship with couture atelier Iris Van Herpen, Elanur has come to be revered for pioneering sustainability methods with experimental materials and fabric manipulations.