We are proud to collaborate closely with the foremost artists and scientists in regenerative agriculture to craft revelatory encounters with Nature through the finest and most sustainably cultivated plants on Earth.

Renowned leader in natural perfumery and sustainable practice LMR Naturals by IFF is our exclusive partner for sourcing superlative plant quintessences.

Isabella Rossellini’s Mama Farm is our farming partner for the exquisite plants that compose Hildegaard haute botanical creations. We cultivate the splendid annual and perennial gardens at Mama Farm, bringing together principles of permaculture, heirloom cultivation and artistic experimentation.

Sonic Collaboration

Artist Erika Spring — Indie music legend, David Lynch darling and front woman of synth-pop trio Au Revoir Simone — contributes an original sonic composition to Hildegaard’s inaugural collection, “Creation: Internal and External.” Erika’s sonic commission is inspired by Hildegard von Bingen’s ecological philosophy and will accompany Hildegaard’s various artistic activations.

Visual Collaboration

We collaborated with the acclaimed photography duo Ioulex to develop the visuals that represent Lia Chavez's vision for the creative house of Hildegaard. Lia and Ioulex have inspired one another for years. Prior to their work together for Hildegaard, Ioulex documented several of Lia's live performance artworks.