Hildegaard is a luxury creative house that weds the mystical, the organic, and the scientific. Founded by internationally-renowned light artist Lia Chavez, Hildegaard seeks to heal the relationship between humanity and the plant world.

As the foremost scholars of light, plants know of the deep secret of beauty and wholeness buried in our metaphysical selves. — Lia Chavez

Our intention is to present an experience which reveals the unsurpassable splendor present in plants. Each Hildegaard haute botanical creation facilitates an intimate and transformational encounter between plants and one’s whole person. In presenting to the world the illuminated gifts plants give us, we invite you to experience the communion of all things and a return to wholeness.

We see the skin as the site of dynamic exchange between the human and the wider cosmos.

Hildegaard elevates beauty to art.

Hildegaard introduces a new paradigm for beauty — haute botanical — an unparalleled purity of materiality.

Drawing upon Nature’s example of commingling matter and light and spirit, we design our haute botanical creations with couture-level craftsmanship of Nature’s most potent elements and invite our collectors to enter into a conscious new dimension of connoisseurship. Through haute botanical, Hildegaard invites you to experience beauty as a spiritual encounter with a great work of art, Nature’s most striking displays, and light’s most profound visions.

Hildegaard’s haute botanical is an invitation to receive our ancient inheritance of wholeness and resplendent Beauty. By experiencing Nature’s rudimentary essences, we are struck with the revelation that the wild, natural world is the most sophisticated experience of all, as Hildegard von Bingen knew in the 12th century.

A note from the founder,
artist Lia Chavez

My work impacts people deeply, leaving them with an inner illumination. They experience a homecoming to their own primal miraculousness. Through the house of Hildegaard, I reveal the genius that is already present in the natural world.

I revere plants. As an artist specializing in the medium of light for two decades, I know they are the most knowledgeable scholars and cosmic observers of light on our planet. I harness my knowledge of art, consciousness, holistic modalities, and the science of engaging botanicals for radiant living to compose botanical creations and multidisciplinary experiences which renew our sense of wonder toward Nature and her abundant verdancy.

The botanical world is the ultimate gift humans have yet to unwrap. Through Hildegaard, our relationship with plants is clarified and elevated. I am philosophically committed to this deep vision of reintegration — light and matter, sun and earth, nature and human. People are more connected with the power of light. I seek to catalyze the creation of beauty — beauty that reminds human beings of the infinite and our connection to it.