We invite our Collectors to journey to the vanguard of artistic creation through Haute Botanical

“Everything that is in the heavens, on the earth, and under the earth, is penetrated with connectedness, penetrated with relatedness.” – Hildegard von Bingen

Ours is an effervescent and audacious moment of rediscovering the sacred wisdom enshrined at the heart of Nature. As lovers of beauty, we are migrating toward a recollection of our interconnected place within the cosmos, as our muse, Hildegard von Bingen envisioned in the 12th Century.

Each season, Hildegaard debuts experiential artworks which magnify this process of renewal. These works can feature intimate presentations, guided meditations, or sculptural and sonic installations; installations set the stage for participatory artworks, ceremonies, and performances.

Hildegaard frames the skin as the site of exchange between the human and the wider cosmos

The origin of the word cosmetic derives from the Greek kosmos — the harmonious arrangement of the universe. As human beings, we are an integral part of this order. What secrets of light do plants hold, and how to unlock them? How might we become even more direct conduits for refracting the light of the cosmos? In approaching beauty through this cosmic lens, we explore deepened notions of creation and belonging.

We invite our Collectors to participate in this moment of emergence by meeting the creators of Haute Botanical in the very places where our green inspiration takes flight. Become a Subscribed Collector and experience exclusive programming, beauty ritual, and creative ways to connect with the transformative wisdom of Nature.