We believe in the integrated cosmology.

​​Our regenerative vision for beauty is guided by and accountable to our artistic values – honoring Nature’s wisdom with every action, raising the standards of luxury to magnificence, and celebrating the miracle of life. We aim to have a healing impact on our environment, and our conscious values are fundamental to the superlative standard which we are privileged to bring to our collectors.

Our founder Lia Chavez channels her passion for divine illumination into each Hildegaard creation with flawless artistry and vibrant, uncompromised materials. Since the visible world is a reflection of the world within, sustainable materials and practices lead to sustainable beauty issuing forth from deep within. Radiance is developed from the inside out, and she engages plants to beautify the body, elevate the consciousness of the mind, and effloresce the life of the soul. Plants want to show us how to lead a thriving life on earth; they possess the power and wisdom to help us find our way back home, to our own mythical center: our internal garden.

An unparalleled level of provenance

We are proud to collaborate with the foremost artists and scientists in regenerative agriculture today to feature rarest and purest botanicals in our creations. Our meticulously curated partners practice cultivation, extraction, and distillation of plants with the utmost consciousness and reverence for life on earth. This quality of provenance ensures we are able to preserve the most delicate, precious, and beneficial aspects of whole plants and to present the transcendental awareness that plants offer us.

LMR Naturals by IFF, the preeminent supplier of sustainable raw materials to haute perfumery, provides us with our exceptional plant essences. Isabella Rossellini’s Mama Farm is Hildegaard’s regenerative farming partner for cultivating incomparable heirloom medicinal plants for our extracts. We source our lavish virgin, cold-pressed, organic carrier oils from a carefully selected community of organic farmers, all of whom have received certifications from Ecocert or the USDA Organic program, as well as Fair For Life and/ or Fair Trade USA.

The Greening Power of the Divine

Hildegaard Haute Botanical creations are one hundred percent botanical and never incorporate animal ingredients, animal-derived byproducts, synthetics, or GMOs. By taking this approach, we are able to illuminate the immaculate splendor of Nature.

We have committed to a future of non-harming through our partnership with the Leaping Bunny Program.

Synthetics are unsustainable and introduce chemicals to the body that place undue stress on the metabolic burden of the liver and kidneys. The central principle of ingredient bioavailability from the science of nutrition guides the design of each Hildegaard formulation, and plants which are scientifically proven to magnify beauty and wellness form the core of each and every Hildegaard Haute Botanical composition.


We shall awaken from our dullness and rise vigorously toward justice. If we fall in love with creation deeper and deeper, we will respond to its endangerment with passion. — Hildegard von Bingen

Art that embodies intention

We choose materials we believe have a positive energetic impact both environmentally and socially, and we aim for a full-circle, sustainable life cycle for all aspects of our creations and their packaging. We use sustainable, recycled, and biodegradable materials whenever possible and continually aim to make the best available choices.

While our limited edition packaging is exquisitely beautiful and undeniably collectible, it is also fabricated from sustainable materials should you choose to recycle. We use glass for our bottles and aluminum for our accessories. We use 100% recycled fiberboard and Forest Stewardship Council certified paper in our boxes and inserts. Our shipping boxes are made from 100% post-consumer cardboard and are fully recyclable.

From the hands of artists

Hildegaard Haute Botanical creations are made mindfully, by hand, at our atelier in Brookhaven Hamlet in Eastern Long Island, New York. Each creation is shipped by us to ensure the utmost attention to detail, traceability, and a low carbon footprint.

Our charitable commitments

Hildegaard leads by example to raise awareness of best-in-class responsible practices in the herb trade. We are dedicated to supporting the long-term mission of United Plant Savers, an organization established by our founder’s mentor, Rosemary Gladstar. United Plant Savers is the international authority on protecting native medicinal plants and their habitats while ensuring an abundant renewable supply for generations to come. ​​Through our partnership with 1% for the Planet, we donate a percentage of our annual revenue to support the vital research, education, and conservation efforts of United Plant Savers. We collaborate closely with United Plant Savers to propagate endangered native medicinal plant species through the establishment of botanical sanctuaries, regenerative plantings, and environmentally-sustainable harvesting practices.