The intent of the collection is creative inspiration

Each element of the collection is crafted to stimulate the luminous state of being that gives rise to creative insight and action — the radiance I have long believed is the fundament of art. In such states of being, our intention overflows, manifesting one’s creative signature into the world as objects or ideas. The energy of creation is, ultimately and paradoxically, given form by the human body, the corporeal filament of vitality connecting earth and sky.

The body is where matter meets spirit, a microcosm of the outer world: in the outer world there is a nature and a being, in the inner world there is one’s nature and one’s being.

Where matter and spirit commingle — where human and divine coexist — beauty, innovation, and renewal are birthed

Through the body, we can transmogrify the profound creative desires of our spirit into matter, plucking them out of timeless eternity into the now and here. From our spiritual core we gather the elements and set them loose upon the physical world.

Hildegaard reminds you daily that you yourself are a blazing star containing the boundless illumination of the universe. You are life-giving and endlessly creative. All ingredients in the collection, from the seeds through to the final creations, are charged with presence, intent, and the most crucial ingredient of all, creative inspiration. Each Hildegaard composition sacralizes the wearer for regenerative action in the world. Our collection draws together living botanical wisdom, the art of inspiration, and the radiant energy of celestial light gathered by plants to help you craft a state of being that renders ascendant creative expression for the age at hand.

—Lia Chavez